Useful PC Guide Tips

Site Objective

The purpose of this niche site is to create step-by-step tutorial guide on how to use notebooks, laptops, computers and smartphones as well as to fix common errors that occur.  It was started in May 2016.

Useful PC Guide

Niche Business

This IT niche site was started as a personal blog and now run by a small team with a few members who are working in the IT sector.  The IT team have written many guides, tutorials and reviews based on their own experience at work or at home which are useful to their readers.

Internet Revenue

This Useful PC Guide site main online revenue comes from Google Adsense (around USD 800).  Their site also earns revenue by accepting Advertising Sales from relevant sponsor who wish to have ads on their IT site.

Their total monthly internet income average range from USD 1000 to 1100.

Working Hours

This is a part-time IT site as we have our own full-time job.  Every week, we take turn to create two IT relevant how to and what to do article.   Each article can take two to six hours depending on the topic.


We do lots of keyword research and invest substantial time in SEO.  Our traffics are mainly from users who google their problems that they are facing. 

We have no experience in social media marketing and we mainly use Facebook and Twitter to update our readers on new content that was added.

Top Web Traffic Sources

Organic - good SEO optimization and continuous fresh content.

Online Presence

For tech readers who like to be kept inform of the latest tips and tricks when using their computers or smartphones.  As they are a bunch of IT professionals, they have different skills in many areas such as Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, IOS and Android.  So, IT readers have a wide variety of reading choice.

You can visit their website at:


Creating new contents on a regular basis to feed the search engine is one of the most tedious task if you are writing alone.  Combing efforts with friends who are working in the same field but has a different skill sets is a good idea.  

If you are presently working in the Information Technology field, there are many niche topic which you can work on. You can start a site on Web Designing, Database, Cyber Security or Programming etc.

Online Business

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