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Points To Note For WAHD

I became a work at home dad (WAHD) after spending 20 years of my life working on a regular nine to five jobs. Since then I have learned many lessons along the way on my WAHD journey. Written here are some handy tips and points to note if you have the intentions to do the same.

Common Misconception

'You are still able to work while the kids are at home'. Erm, no, not really, as I found out this true the hard way. I used to think that working at home with my little one around should not me much a problem before realities come into play. So bear in mind that even though you can be a stay at home dad and perhaps get some work done while your little one takes a nap, it really doesn't work out so well all the time.

Day care

The best way forward would be to put your child in day care for a few hours while you get on with being a stay at home dad. The advantage is that you can choose a nursery/daycares centre nearby and this makes it easy to drop off and pick up your little one. You could also enlist the help of friends or family to help look after the kids for a few hours while you concentrate on your daily work at home task. It really all depends on your finances and/or how much of a support network you have. That is not to say that there aren't some moms out there who are able to work with the kids at home, it does depend on the type of work and obviously the temperament of the children.

Discipline and Passion

You will need to have a great deal of discipline and it is importance to have passion in your business if you wish turn yourself into a WAHD. It is very easy to get side-tracked by all the household chores that need to be done. But the way I look at it is, if I've sent my little one to daycares for a few hours to get some work done, then that's what I'll do so I will not clean the house or watch YouTube, I'll switch on my computer and get to work.


Manage and divide your work tasks into ones which you can do with the kids around, i.e., which don't require total or major concentration and ones which require concentration and work accordingly.

Setting Goals and Targets

Learn to set yourself realistic targets and in turn give clients realistic deadlines. Never underestimate how much time it can take to get a task done, otherwise, at the end of the day if you have not completed the tasks it can be quite disheartening. So set realistic goals and targets in bite size chunks that you can manage one step at a time.


For me, this is by far the best thing about being a WAHD. The ability to schedule my appointments or work in such a way that still allows me to always drop off and pick up my son from school is priceless. As the children get older, it becomes a bit easier as there are set times when they are at school so it is much easier to plan things in such a way that you work while the kids are out of the house and then you can give them your full attention once they are back from school.


As a WAHD entrepreneur, you will definitely be faced with lots of issues in your first few months; however, it is necessary that you do not give up. Plan out your business well and have a great objective statement, as this will definitely allow you to be successful.

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